The Role of Spirituality in Development and Entrepreneurship

Document Type : Original Article


1 PhD Candidate, Economic Sociology and Development.

2 Assistant Professor, Islamic Azad University, Arak, Iran


Objective: Studying the impact of spirituality on entrepreneurship has been conducted. It is crucial for a country seeking development to have skilled entrepreneurs who possess expertise in a specialized field, creativity and innovation, and a high willingness to take risks, all of which are influenced by the inner values of entrepreneurs. A spiritual life need not relate to any institutional or historical belief, but rather emphasizes a particular attitude. Granting peace, contentment and optimism to mankind is the responsibility of humanity.
Method: The study was conducted using a qualitative research approach with a focus on the application of Grounded theory. The data was collected through the use of a semi-structured interview as a data collection tool.
Findings: Different worldviews, including pluralism, normative relativism, individualism, eclecticism, have been recognised as causal factors that impact the process of spiritual entrepreneurship. Mediating factors, such as acquaintance with schools of thought and activities like yoga, as well as experiences of poverty within the family, the occurrence of imposed war, the Islamic revolution, and religious conflicts, have also been identified. Personal development, personal contentment, self-transcendence, understanding oneself and the divine, cost-benefit analysis, understanding others, aiding others as tactics, independence, innovation, compassion, social conscientiousness, life history, altruism as outcomes of extraction.
Results: The concept of spirituality exists within all individuals. Although in traditional societies, spirituality was often considered in a religious context, changes in modern societies have led to individuals forming their own unique definitions and perceptions of spirituality. "Spirituality" is a distinct aspect of human existence, generated internally, which can lead to increased vitality and the encouragement of superior motivation and creativity within individuals.


Volume 5, Issue 2
October 2023
Pages 71-86
  • Receive Date: 12 July 2023
  • Revise Date: 13 August 2023
  • Accept Date: 09 September 2023