The role of learning digital systems in improving employee productivity

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Professor of the Faculty of Economics of Balkh University and PhD student of Abdul Khalil State University (Kolmyk) of the Russian


In today's competitive world, the most important goal of any organization is productivity - a philosophy and approach grounded in improving strategy. Productivity must span all sectors of society like a chain. One of the greatest challenges facing governments is providing comprehensive systems based on technology and information, including human development programs. Information and communication technology has revolutionised many daily work processes. The study is a descriptive and applied investigation that encompasses all public office personnel within Balkh Province. The findings reveal a predominance of government workers, consisting of 110 tons, 41 Bachelor's degrees, 59 Bachelor's degrees, 8 Master's degrees, and one Doctorate degree. The study utilized a 25-question questionnaire and alpha value of 0.82, indicating good reliability. The study revealed that, as per the respondents' perspective, effective factors in corporate training include integrating computers in the curriculum, investing significantly in enhancing employee capability, and organizing training workshops.